The Oxygen Provider course is designed to provide basic training to administer oxygen to victims of diving accidents. When combined with the Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response courses it provides the best preparation on how to react correctly to any diving related accident.

Emergency oxygen is useful as a treatment for many injuries, diseases and intoxications that interfere with oxygen reaching the blood or tissues. For recreational scuba divers, emergency oxygen is the primary aid given to individuals suffering from a near drowning or decompression illness (lung overexpansion injuries and decompression sickness). Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction.

Having emergency oxygen immediately available at dive locations is especially important to divers suffering from them. Along with the availability of oxygen at dive sites, ?rst responders must know how to provide oxygen in an emergency. This course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency oxygen to a suddenly ill or injured patients until more advanced medical help can be obtained; ability to understand the hazards associated with oxygen use and to practice safe handling techniques.

Course Topics:

  • Medical issues in drowning patients
  • Techniques of CPR
  • Use of Ambu Bag
  • Airway M/m and intubation techniques
  • Standard O2 Administration & Portable Devices
  • Benefit of O2 Provision.
  • Precautions and safety procedures
  • Recognition of Spine injuries and M/m
  • Managing Sprains, soft tissue injury & first aid of fractures
  • Scenarios / Hands on training on Mannequin


  • No diver level necessary

Course Fees:INR 8000

11 am


11.05 am

Basics of Respiration & Circulation

11.20 am

Medical Issues of Drowning

11.40 am

Practical ( 20 min each )
Airway M/m and intubation technique

12.30 pm

Other Diving Injuries

01:10 pm

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation


2 pm


2:15 pm

O2 Administration & Portable Devices

2:45 pm

Recognition of Spine injuries and M/m

3 pm

Practical (15 min)
Log Roll & Cervical Collar

3 :15 pm

Managing Sprains, soft tissue injury & first aid of fractures

3:30 pm

MCQ & Feedback

3:45 pm

Certificate Distribution

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