Who we are

learnNheal springs from Advent HealthCare Pvt ltd founded by Dr Tarun Sahni. We are a team of dedicated professionals who intent to design and enable solutions bringing you « learning without boundaries ».

We address medical professionals willing to take an active role in the development of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, which needs to be deployed in India for the benefit of numerous patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses or pains.

What we offer

Hyperbaric treatment is currently a niche area. Our offer represents a unique opportunity to upgrade your skills and grow your career, by becoming a certified Hyperbaric treatment practitioner.

Our e-learning solutions are modular, accessible in your own time, at a much lower cost than traditional courses, avoiding location, time and cost issues linked to in-class training.
Our medical team is expert from a long experience on hyperbaric oxygen treatment.



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